Storm The Palace

Upcoming Record

Alberto has been the drummer for this Edinburgh-based band since 2017. After a series of successful concerts he went on to record the second full-lenght of the band, which will come out early 2019. Radically different to everything Alberto had played before, the band demands an eclectic approach to drumming, with eyrie musical textures and odd time signatures being the norm.

Misery Punk Ruined My Life

Goodbye Blue Monday

Intrigued by the contrast between their lively folk/punk sound and introspective lyrics, Alberto joined this Edinburgh/Glasgow based band in the summer of 2014. Since then he has recorded 2 EP’s - available through Make-That-A-Take Records - and played over a hundred shows around the UK and Europe.

The Sickness, The Shame

Goodbye Blue Monday

The Awakening/Last Fight of the Primordial

Back to R'lyeh

As co-founder of the band, Alberto wrote and recorded some of the most challenging drum parts in his musical career during the two years he played with them. Their refreshing mixture of textures and complex ambiences creates a unique and captivating sound. They are currently recording their second album, so go check them out!

From Tip to Tongue


Their ecclectic, experimental rock serves as a soundtrack to a sequence of events set in the fictional city of Atomgrado. Alberto not only recorded all drums for their debut album but also was allowed to be in charge of some guitars and harmonicas - specially for the parts and songs that he contributed.